To directly upgrade an existing VyOS system to a new image:

  1. On your VyOS host (from an admin-level account):

  2. add system image https://mirror.tuxhelp.org/vyos/iso/release/<version>/vyos-<version>-<architecture>.iso


    add system image https://mirror.tuxhelp.org/vyos/iso/release/1.1.8/vyos-1.1.8-amd64.iso
  3. Optional: If desired, give the new image a descriptive name.

  4. Confirm your changes. The new image will become active after the next reboot.

NOTE: This mirror is hosted from the west coast of the USA. If you're geographically distant, you may be able to find a closer one. See https://wiki.vyos.net/wiki/Mirrors for the full listing.


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../ 04 Mar 2016, 03:37:06
release/ 13 Nov 2017, 01:07:44
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